Epic Cons Chicago



Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite celebrity a question? Panels are the perfect opportunity to learn behind-the-scenes information that every fangirl or guy should know!

Photo Ops

Step up to the photo booth, say hi and snap a picture with all your favorites! Photo Ops will be available with each of the celebrity guests and even better get a photo sandwiched between your favorite celebrities. We promise they won’t bite this time! Each Photo Op ticket comes with a digital copy. If you would like to also purchase a physical copy, 8×10 copies are available for a small additional charge here on the website and also on site at the convention.


Chat with your favorite stars and have them personalize memorabilia or sign a picture!

NOTE: Each item that is autographed will need its OWN autograph ticket.

Meet and Greet

While Photo Ops and Autograph Sessions allow you to say a quick hello, Meet and Greets give you and a small group of super fans an extra opportunity to spend time with your favorite celebrities in an intimate setting!

Each Meet and Greet ticket comes with a selfie with the celebrity, and an opportunity to ask a question.

Meet and Greet durations vary by guest.


One of the best parts of any fandom is the merchandise! Shop our “Epic Merch” line, and fandom shops from small businesses and vendors.

Friday Night Event

Friday night concert with details/headliner to be announced!