OHCO, INC was established in 1971 by George Hart who quickly became a pioneer in textile recycling and exporting. Fast forward 52 years and the rail road tracks that were so vital to the business have been transformed into recreational walking trails that are ripe for economic development.

OHCO District is a 24 acre industrial redevelopment composed of special event space and pop-up retail.

We are currently building out the 17,500 square foot warehouse to be an event space. The space will include improved entrances and exits, ample bathrooms, a large bar, a food prep area for caterers, HVAC, fire suppression sprinklers, finished walls, and updated lighting.

We also have 30,000 square feet that can be used for special events and pop-up retail purposes. OHCO Outlet Center currently uses the space 3 days/month for pop up outlet sales and EPIC Cons is hosting their event “I Was Feeling Epic in Mystic Falls” on December 1-3, 2023 and June 7-9, 2024.

Please contact us with inquiries about booking special events.

OHCO District is the re-imagining of multiple warehouse spaces on multiple acres at Highway 278 and the new Cricket Frog trail. Our aim is to revitalize this convenient area, transforming it into a vibrant mixed-use development that better serves and supports Covington, Georgia.